Sponsored Giveaways Now with Referral Program

Sponsored Giveaways is a platform that allows bloggers to earn money by hosting giveaways or sweepstakes on their sites, I did a full review of sponsored giveaways before showcasing what they can do for both bloggers and advertisers and I wanted to touch base on a new feature that was just recently rolled out called the Sponsored Giveaways Affiliate program. This really is more like a referral program because you aren’t actually selling anything, you … Read more

Can You Earn Money with Sponsored Giveaways?

As my readers know, I run giveaways all the time here on DragonBlogger.com and some more niche ones on my WordPress blog WPCypher.com.  One service that I recently learned about a few weeks ago when an advertiser contacted me was called Sponsored Giveaways. Sponsored Giveaways sounds like you would imagine, you are being compensated for hosting a giveaway on your blog by an advertiser.  The system works in a similar manner to BuySellAds where you … Read more