Mixcder® Basso Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth headphones are out in force these days.  The last few Bluetooth wireless headphones I reviewed were in ear headphones and all of the weight of the headphones were on the ear piece. The Mixcder® Basso Wireless Earphones uses an over the ear piece and smaller ear piece to reduce the weight hanging off of the ear piece in your ear.  This increases comfort and wear-ability.  I also really like the carrying case included protecting the … Read more

iClever Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds Review

So I love a good pair of sports earbuds and I enjoy jogging and running one or two times a day and listening to music while running helps make me push myself to run faster and further.  So I always take the opportunity to review sports earbuds when I can as I am always looking for “the best pair” to provide the loudest and deepest sound as well as stay in place on my head … Read more