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Top 10 Sports Video Games: 2021 Edition

A Great Year For Video Games Video games have been all over the place this year, and the gaming industry has made quite a boom during the quarantine. With everyone in their homes most of the time many of us are reverting to our childhood getaways, video games. Some of us revisit the titles we knew when we were younger, explore genres we never knew existed, or perhaps we are discovering the world of gaming … Read more

Why did Sports Games on the Wii never become as popular as those played on PlayStation and Xbox?

Gaming superpower Nintendo released the Wii at the back end of 2006; and since then it’s been a bit of an odd journey for the console. There was a lot of interest and expectation prior to the release of the Wii, however the jury’s still out on whether it’s managed to live up to expectations. One reason for this is undoubtedly the lack of quality of the sports games on the Wii. Granted, Wii Sports … Read more