Spotcam Solo Helps You Manage Your Property Wirelessly

So I currently have and use both the Spotcam Sense and Spotcam EVA and have used Spotcam cloud security cameras for several years now since the brand sent me a few to review.  I have also used and tested other cloud security cameras too like the Wyze ones as well, but there are many features I prefer in the Spotcam cloud camera’s compared to the Wyze ones and my wife keeps telling me the Spotcam … Read more

Video AI Security by Spotcam

For those who know me you already know that I use the Spotcam Cloud Security Camera system, I was originally sent a model to review and then I bought a 2nd one to add it to my line up so I had multiple camera’s covering my home.  The reason I had to have cloud security is simple, I need to record and monitor events that happen in front of my house.  My parking spot is … Read more

Spotcam HD Pro Review with Multiple Camera System

For those who know me, I have been using the Spotcam cloud IP based camera system for 2 years now and have tested the Spotcam, Spotcam EVA and now the Spotcam HD Pro is being reviewed in this article. But first we kick off the unboxing video of the Spotcam HD Pro The reason why I love Spotcam is when you buy the camera, you get 1 day (24 hours) of video storage in the … Read more

SpotCam EVA Wireless IP Camera Review

For those of you who don’t know, SpotCam is a leader in providing wireless IP cameras for the household and what sets them apart from other Wireless IP camera providers is they offer a cloud storage solution as part of the IP Camera package.  This benefit here is that the Spotcam camera is streaming the video to the cloud and recording it in real time, instead of saving it on a local SD card, this … Read more