Geekbuying Deal of the Day – Ramsta 480GB SSD for Only $69

Making sure you have enough space on your computer is a problem that almost everyone has at some point. A good SSD can help your computer work better and also give it more space. Take a look at the Ramsta SSD and see if it’s a good choice for you. Ramsta S600 480GB SATA3 High Speed SSD Solid State Drive Hard Disk 2.5 Inch – Red The Ramsta S600 SSD is here to help your … Read more

Win a Kingston 120GB SSD Drive #12DaysofGiveaways

For the next giveaway in our 12 days of giveaway series we finally offer what some of the fans have been requesting and that is an SSD Drive.  Kingston Technology who partners with us to do reviews of their SSD and USB products has offered to give away a 120 GB SSDNow 300V SSD drive to one of our readers.  If you haven’t used an SSD drive before you don’t know what you are missing … Read more

Review: Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB

I received a copy of the Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD Drive right after Christmas to review and was able to put it through it’s paces but I had to identify and figure out why I wasn’t getting the performance I should have first. My direct review was in comparison to the Kingston SSDNow V200 Review which I did last year to show how the later generation of SSDNow V300 drives compared and outperformed the … Read more

10 Days of Giveaways: Win a Kingston 120GB SSDNow Drive

SSD drives are expensive compared to standard platter disks but they give you performance that just can’t be matched.  The performance you get for application load times and Windows boot times is significant if you use an SSD drive as your Windows install drive or even as a secondary drive where you install your most commonly used application to that you want to load faster.  Many games will play faster, especially those that do a … Read more