Startup Journey: Turning Your Idea Into an Established Brand Online

Over the past few years, the startup ecosystem has been witnessing quite the boom. A lot of people are simply starting their own companies. Perhaps it’s because of the fact that it is easier than ever to do that now, courtesy of the internet and the different players in entrepreneurial circles. But a part of it is also because many youths are fascinated by the glamour of being a CEO before the age of 25. … Read more

How to Use AI to Improve Your Online Startup

The idea of artificial intelligence is not a new concept in the history of the world. Even the Ancient Greeks had an idea of the concept of machines with human qualities and independent thought. Artificial intelligence is the use of any sort of intelligent agent, or any device that sees its environment and takes actions to accomplish some sort of goal. For example, planning, learning, language processing, knowledge representation, reasoning, problem solving, and social intelligence … Read more