7 Innovative and Useful EdTech Startup Ideas in 2021 and How It Can Improve the Education

Education keeps developing along with all the technologies. More and more universities use futuristic hardware and software to improve the learning process. All of these induced us to discover EdTech startups. What are they and how do they improve our life? Education improvements are in the air People keep wondering nowadays what is EdTech. Let’s mention several associations for the word “education”. We think of school, college, diploma, department, certificate, graduate, and other common words. … Read more

Top Finnish Startups to Follow in 2020

What do Wolt, Angry Birds and Nokia have in common? These top brands are all born and bred in Finland, a country that highly supports gaming, entrepreneurship, and innovation. As such, Helsinki is among the best places for business worldwide thanks to several factors. That includes strong national government support, world-class universities and a large pool of talent in all industries, including the casino world. From gaming and software to biotech and health industries, Finland … Read more