BloggerJet Strip the Blog Tool: Now With Pinterest

I had written a post about the BloggerJet Strip the Blog tool previously and though it worth noting and sharing the recent update to the tool which includes adding Pinterest and number of comments into the report that displays when you search for the most popular articles on a blog. This tool is ideal for seeing the most popular posts on sites so that you can get article ideas or help create a reference or … Read more

BloggerJet Strip The Blog Tool Lets you Find The Most Popular Articles

Tim Soulo the man behind Blogger Jet came up with a fantastic tool that I haven’t really run across on any other site yet.  This tool called the Strip the Blog Tool basically allows you to put in a blog URL and it strips out and shows you the top articles based on social media shares.  In the article introducing this tool read here, it talks about how you can put in a competing blog … Read more