Roxie’s Underrated Reviews: Sunset Overdrive

There comes a point in an individual’s life where they just want to blow stuff up. There also comes a point where this same individual decides to blow stuff up, and have fun doing it. So why not just play some good ol’ Sunset Overdrive instead and save yourself an act of terrorism, destruction of property, and general mass endangerment which an insanity plea sadly won’t get you out of. I mean heck, the protagonist … Read more

Xbox One: A Year in Review

  For those of you who pay pretty close attention to the world of video games such as myself you simply cannot forget the terrible showing Microsoft had when they finally revealed everything about their newest console, the Xbox One. Even before the Xbox One was released the console was already being talked about, but definitely not much of anything good was said especially after what happened at E3 when Microsoft announced that the Xbox … Read more