SuperNight 9w Led House Light Bulb Review!

I received the SuperNight 9w LED house light bulb to test out. Now I have used some LED light bulbs before but none like this. This bulb changes colors with a push of a button on the remote. That’s right it has a remote also. Now this bulb comes in a small package nothing thrilling there. Now the bulb itself is larger than a normal house bulb. I took  a picture of it next to … Read more


If you’re like me you love to have flashy lights around your house, for me it’s in my computer desk. Well my friends over at Supernight wanted me to test and review one of their kits. Who am I to say no to Flashy things! This kit comes with a complete LED strip roll with 3M backing . It also contains a remote and RGB controller box as well as a power brick. The kit … Read more