BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip Review

You wouldn't believe how many power strips I have in my house, when I last counted it was 4 for every room of my house except my kitchen.  I have used various power strips over the years and lately the most valuable ones are not only power strips with A/C power outlets but ones that [...]

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Win an ORICO Power Strip Surge Protector with 5 USB Charging Ports

ORICO is back with another giveaway for Dragon Blogger fans and this time they want to offer their unique 4 AC Port and 5 USB Port powerstrip/surge protector.  This product features the unique ability to close and cover any AC ports that aren't in use, and has wide spacing between the AC ports so you [...]

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QICENT SC-6A5U Surge Protector Showcase

Surge protectors are something that we easily take for granted. They often hide under our desks, and if they’re doing their job, we never think about them. This has caused a shift over the last two decades, from the surge protector being an important tool to protect your valuable electronics, toward it being a cheap [...]

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EasyAcc Charging Station 7.2A 3 USB Ports with 2-Outlet Surge Protector

The more and more gadgets we collect, the more and more power we need.  This can become even more important when we are traveling. Whether that travel is in town, across town, across your state or across the country.  In my life I have traveled all these different distances for personal and for business.   [...]