Following the Robot Combat League

This week the premiere of Robot Combat League aired on SyFy and the show brings the world of robot combat to a whole new level.  Unlike previous robot combat shows, this one is very much similar to the movie Real Steel with 7-8′ tall metal robots that are controlled by two human operators.  One who controls the legs and movement of the robot, while the other has a control system that attaches to their arms … Read more

Warehouse 13 Season 4 to Be the Best Yet

Warehouse 13 arrived with a bang last Monday in the season premier where the gang had to find something that reversed time to make the warehouse not blown up.  On one hand, the episode was intense because their numbers kept dwindling as they went from place to place but on the other, it was predictable because if they hadn’t found the components there would have been no warehouse and thus no Warehouse 13 show.  However, … Read more