Cloud Storage Not Replacing Tape Drives Anytime Soon

Let’s say you have to run a backup of your environment, and figure this is for smaller business or enterprises or home photography enthusiasts whose file systems measure in the Terabytes instead of the Gigabytes.  Let’s say you want to back up 5TB worth of data and you want it done in a few hours, what do you think the feasibility is of using a cloud backup service for this? Even if you wanted to … Read more

Tape Drives Still the Cheapest and Most Reliable Backup Solution

While Tape drives are now old and low tech, the cheapest and most reliable media for high volume data backup. Google backs up its data on an average of over 500 Tape Drives per day. Big names in the IT industry like IBM, Sony, Seagate and HP are still developing LTO or Linear Tape-Open devices and technologies. SpectraLogic even built a monster LTO tape library T-Finity in 2011 with 400,000 slots and 3.6 exabyte or … Read more