How to Stress Test your CPU

There are loads of reason why someone would want to stress test their CPU. Some of the most common ones are after getting a new CPU or overclocking your existing one. Or perhaps you bought a used one from someone and want to make sure you didn’t get fooled. But before we begin, be sure to check out our GPU Stress Test.   The Software The first thing we will do is download couple of … Read more

October Giveaways and Top Selling Games

October is barely in it’s second week and there are already a ton of great giveaways and sweepstakes spreading out online that readers should know about.  Remember the key to winning stuff for free is to shotgun approach giveaways getting as many entries in as many diverse giveaways as possible.  I enter about 20-30 giveaways myself per month and win about 1 every three or four months, my largest giveaway I won was laptop a … Read more