Tmart Looking for Bloggers to Review Products

So many peer bloggers ask me how to find advertisers to offer products for them to review and this is a great opportunity that Tmart approached me with that both helps them find bloggers as well as bloggers find products that they can get to review and help jump start their product review goals.  Tmart offers a wide variety of gadgets and accessories and is willing to offer free products to bloggers in exchange for … Read more

Review of the Sport TF Card Reader Media Headset MP3 Player

One thing I hate when working out is the annoying earbud or headset cords that hang between your ears and your smartphone or mp3 player.  They jiggle, they shake, and they can snag pulling the earbuds out of your ears.  Sure, I try tucking them in my shirt, clipping them to my shirt but ultimately I wanted to have 0 cord between my ears and the music delivery device clipped to my hip. Well, … Read more