Mass Slaughter is So Much Fun in Orcs Must Die! 2

Orcs Must Die was a fine game that redefined a genre facing extinction, and now the sequel promises to add a new layer of fun to tower defense. He developers had a difficult job in exceeding expectations, due to the fact that they’ve set the bar so high with the original title. Now that the stand-alone expansion is here, we discover with satisfaction that Robot Entertainment rose to the challenge and the co-op mode has … Read more

Play a Vengeful God in Babel Rising

Being God is not as fun as you’d suspect, especially when your followers are not in the mood of respecting your will and are thinking of usurping you. Their approach might not be the most effective or smart one, but they seem to be undeterred in their attempt to build a tower that will puncture the skies. It is the high heavens from where you will make your stand and crush the Babel rising under … Read more