Dazzne D50 Review: a LED Studio Light For Your Desk

For the past two months I have upgrading my light kit for my desk when streaming and doing product unboxings by using the Dazzne D50 LED flat panel light kit.  The model I bought came with a desk mount pole and clamps onto a desk or tablet but you can simply unscrew the top and put it on a tripod if you prefer.  What I really liked most about the LED flat panel is the … Read more

DuaFire USB TV LED Light TV Backlighting Strip Review

Today I will be giving a brief review of the DuaFire USB Mood Light. This particular model, the L5 model, comes in a maximum of 35.4″, or 90cm, LED strip and can be cut to fit your TV screen, PC screen or anywhere else you might want to place it. It is supposed to eliminate eye strain while watching a screen in a dark environment. It has a USB connection which can easily plug into … Read more