The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

The end is here for The Twilight Saga film series with Breaking Dawn Part 2 releasing at 10 pm on Thursday November 15.  This is despite the fact that the official release date was November 16.  This was something Summit allowed but they were also strict and said no showings before 10 pm, period. If you have been watching these movies from the beginning, and read the books, then you know this ending is going … Read more

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

The Twilight Saga film series is coming to an end next month with Breaking Dawn Part 2.  This finale will have just as much hype, if not more, than the final movie from the Harry Potter series last year.  While it may seem odd to be thinking about a movie this far in advance, it actually isn’t in this case. The plot of the final movie is from the book of the same name, which … Read more

Hollywood Remaking Movies: Lazy or Out of Ideas?

Is Hollywood truly so out of ideas that they have to remake everything from the last 20-30 years?  With many of the movies which have come out in the last year or so, and upcoming, it certainly seems like it.  Or have directors and writers become so lazy they don’t want to try something new?  Sure taking a gamble is scary but come on Hollywood, this remaking of movies is getting, well old. In the … Read more