Showcasing the New HTML 5 HootSuite Interface

Okay, the new Hootsuite HTML5 isn’t that new anymore since it was updated a few weeks ago and has already been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, but I did my own video to showcase the new look and feel of Hootsuite which I felt was only right since my previous videos all had the old Hootsuite version in them.

What I like about the new Hootsuite HTML 5

  • The interface is clean, visually appealing
  • I can make the color scheme so that it looks almost like Tweetdeck (black and white letters)
  • The “separator” between old messages and new updates is fantastic for showing the split between where new updates are and the stuff you already read
  • Adding Google Analytics gives you even better click tracking and analytics for your tweets if you use or to shrink them

The not so good things about the new HTML 5 Hootsuite

  • Scheduling tweets takes longer than old interface before due to the extra click and steps involved
  • Hootsuite interface is slower on FireFox than old interface due to advanced HTML 5 features

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Comparing HootSuite to TweetDeck – Update!

Dennis Edell had been calling out to see if any bloggers were writing or have written a direct comparison between Hootsuite and Tweetdeck which are two very popular twitter clients.  I have decided to answer the call by posting a detailed point by point list on the advantages and disadvantages the two clients have over each other.  Keep in mind that Tweetdeck is an Adobe Air application that installs on your desktop while Hootsuite is a completely web based application that doesn’t need to install so this leads to some difference from how the applications work.

So without further chatter, I present to you the pros and cons of both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck and you can decide which works best for your needs.

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HootSuite – The Ultimate Twitter Management Tool?

When @AnnEvanston  one of my twitter followers mentioned the Hootsuite tool has the ability to track how many clicks your links were getting on Twitter, I thought I would check the tool out and see how it fared against other Twitter tools. Boy was I surprised I had not heard of this tool previously. Hootsuite is indeed one of the best, if not The Best twitter management tool I have found and for several reasons. … Read more