Ainope USB Extension Cables for When You Need More Reach

So I was re-working my streaming setup at my house and wanted to put my Logitech Brio webcam and my ring light higher up than where they were placed and just missed the default USB length of the webcam and by a wide margin with the ring light which I didn’t want to waste a port on my USB hub and instead wanted to plug into a USB wall outlet near the ground on the … Read more

FRiEQ 10 Foot USB Cable Review

FRiEQ provides many different kinds of products. One is an Android cable. Now, you might say, “So what”! To that I will say, “Why not” but I have been using my new FRiEQ 10 foot, yes, ten foot USB cable for a while now, and it is wonderful. You might ask why in the world would I need a 10 foot cable, and you would not be alone. I myself at one time said the same … Read more

Review of the Creative Sound Blaster JAM

Creative has been around for some time bringing us audio that dominates in all aspects.  They usually stayed in the game and professional audio scene but more and more have been spreading their wings into the complete sound scape.  Adding to their lineup, Creative has brought in the Sound Blaster JAM to bring in a wider audience.  This headset tries to fill gaps in a space that they might not have hit just yet; does … Read more