Bulk Buying USB Flash Drives – What You Need to Know?

The technological advances of the last few decades have left a lasting impact on most aspects of human life – be it work or social life. One of these impacts is the ever-growing use of the internet, on all our electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. This has naturally resulted in an increased need for data storage devices that make life easier and provide mobility to professionals. A USB flash drive does exactly … Read more

Recent Technology News – Replacing Passwords with Hardware Passkeys

Google working on replacing Passwords with Hardware Identification based Passkeys Passwords have been in existence in the computing world right from the beginning. In the past we have seen USB drives used as passkeys for logging into Windows 7, primarily to reset forgotten passwords. However, entirely phasing out passwords from local as well as web based applications now seems to be a distinct possibility in the next few years, in favor of more secure solutions … Read more

10 Days of Giveaways: Win a 32GB Secure USB Flash Drive

Keeping your data backed up to a USB Flash drive can both a precaution in case your computer gets wiped or damaged, but also you want to make sure some of the data is secure so if your USB Drive falls into the wrong hands it isn’t so easy to get to the data. The Kingston 32BB DataTraveler Locker+ G2 can help store a lot of your data and keep it safe, with physical password … Read more

Win a 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive from Kingston Technology

My awesome friends over at Kingston Technology sent me one of the 64GB DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 USB drives to review and another one to give away to one of my readers in a contest. I want to tell you that I have reviewed USB 3.0 flash drives before, but nothing I have ever used match the read and write speeds of the DataTraveler HyperX 3.0. I put this USB stick in my system and started … Read more