KMAG USB Microphone Review – Side Tone and Reverb Control Built In

I have spent a number of hours recording voice over work with the KMAG USB Microphone which is a condenser mic with cardioid pickup pattern so it reduces background noise pick up.  This mic uses a USB 3.0 interface and has an included USB A to USB C converter so it works easily with PC or Mac OS, or a SmartPhone with an OTG function with USB-C which wasn’t specifically tested during this review.  This … Read more

Blitzwolf BM-CW2 Condenser Mic Kit Review

Blitzwolf who partners with Dragon Blogger from time to time sent us a studio microphone kit to review and share what we thought of it with our readers.  This is a USB mic kit so it is 100% plug N play with no software needed, it also includes everything you see in the unboxing and review video below. Inside the box you will receive the Blitzwolf Mic, USB Cable, Boom Arm, Wind sock, Shock Mount … Read more

Samson Meteor USB Mic Giveaway

I am excited to be able to tell the dragonblogger fans we have partnered with Samson to offer the amazing Meteor Mic in this giveaway.  This is a USB Condenser mic that is just fantastic and has amazing sound clarity, you can use it for Skype calls, podcasting, voice over work, or even use it to record your acoustic instrument play.  The Samson Meteor works with PC or Mac and it supports you using it … Read more

Plug N’ Play: 5 USB Mics Changing the Game

A decade ago, producing a high-quality sound from home would have been unheard of. However, as the years progress, so too has microphone technology; featuring updated software and top-of-the-line hardware. The biggest development though was the debut of the USB microphone which, in a nutshell, is a microphone that literally just plugs into your computer and is ready to go, typically requiring no additional software. Ever since their debut, USB mics have become quite abundant. … Read more