Fascinating Facts You Should Know about Micro USB Charging for Your Mobile or Computer Devices!

If you closely look at the tech market today, you will find that the Micro USB charging port is gradually shifting into oblivion from tablets and smartphones. The USB Type-C charging port is now taking its place. If you check out the latest range of laptops, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, you will find the presence of the USB Type C charging port. Now, as a user, it is understandable that changing your cables and … Read more

Havit USB Type C Cable Review

My daughter recently received a free cell phone and she was very excited. There was only one small problem however and that is her new Moto Z-Droid Force only came with a charging cable that you plug into the electrical socket on the wall. She had no way to link up to her computer to transfer files to and from her PC. Thanks to Havit, this issue was solved very quickly and very nicely. You … Read more