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Review of the UtechSmart eSATA Hard Drive Docking Station

Well I didn't realize how much I would leverage this Hard Drive Docking station until I had some spare 2.5" laptop 5400 RPM drives (512GB each) and tested them out for this review.  If you ever upgrade your primary disk to an SSD and have your older hard drive lying around with no room in [...]

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Review of the UtechSmart Super Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard

I have reviewed quite a few wireless Bluetooth keyboards over the years here at DragonBlogger.com but none have impressed me as much as the most recent UtechSmart Super Slim Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.  This mini keyboard which feels very close to a full size keyboard without the 10 keypad, has just the right spacing and sized [...]

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