Onion Video Conferencing Device Review

In the world of business, communication is key. While we can speak over a phone, or over a tiny screen on our cell phones, sometimes a little more is needed. I recently received a device called “Onion”. This device is a complete communications system and is neat. I have been anticipating it for a good [...]

  7 Tech Innovations Companies Should Be Taking Advantage of

  The world of tech is always coming up with new innovations, new trends, and the new latest “thing” in tech media. However, for businesses with a little bit of capital to invest and a desperate need to get ahead of the competition, the key isn’t in listening to the hype and following the marketing, [...]

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Interactive Video Conferencing for Large Scale Events

Ever dreamed of hosting an event for your company up to the scale of an inspirational TED Talk? As it turns out, with our current technologies and start up companies that exist today, this can easily be a reality for many of us. With applications like Blue Jeans Primetime that is able to bring interactive [...]

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