Testing Converting Video Files with Allavsoft for Windows

So I usually work with a lot of video files and find that dedicated video converters tend to work much faster than video editors if you are just wanting to convert a single video format to another file type and resolution. So I was testing Allavsoft and I wanted to convert a 150MB .MOV file to MP4 with high conversion. One of the features I did like about Allavsoft was that you can instantly chose … Read more

How to Convert MKV video formats to MP4 video formats?

How to Convert MKV video formats to MP4 video formats? The video converters are one of the software to be used regularly for the conversion of videos from one format to another. Every video follows a particular format and extension, and if you have different devices to play them, the chances are high that you will have a tough time playing them across the platforms. I was unaware about the same, till the time I … Read more

How To Convert Audio and Video Files For Free Online

Almost everyone at some time has used a video converter tool because their computer or their mobile device refused to play a video of a certain format. Another main reason to use a video converter is to lower a videos file size as the video format plays an important role in determining the file size of a video. There are tons of video converter software out there that let us convert videos to different formats. … Read more

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Giveaway

Wondershare has partnered with Dragon Blogger to giveaway their amazing Video Converter Ultimate Software.  This software which a few of use on the team use is ideal for converting any of your media files to other formats, particularly if you are looking to convert large media files into smaller mobile sized video files that you can take with you on the go. Iggy did a detailed review of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and you will … Read more

WonderFox DVD Video Converter Review

Video converters are pretty easy to come by these days. What is not so easy is to find one with so many features that the task becomes fun. WonderFox DVD Video Convertor is just that, fun and easy all wrapped up in a powerful package. It is also fast, very fast compared to some other converters I have used. Many a time I have used a program where either there is a long tutorial or no … Read more

Tenorshare Video Converter Review

Our friends over at Tenorshare were interested in having us review their video converter software, so we put it through the test and will share with you our thoughts and results. Now this is something I can say I have been needing for my video library as I need to convert a lot of media files from one format to another.  Don’t forget, after the review you can go to Tenorshare website and download the software and try … Read more