How to Make Sure Your Video Doorbells Are Secure

Imagine installing a video doorbell only for someone to come and steal it, vandalize it, or use it against you. Well, many people find themselves in that situation nowadays. In most cases, thieves steal or vandalize video doorbells to prepare for a next day attack on your home. Sometimes they want to take your security apparatus to show you that you are still unsafe. All tech gadgets nowadays, especially the smart ones, come with security … Read more

What The Experts Are Saying About Home Security Systems

More and more families are being enticed to install Home Security Systems for added security and convenience. Advertisements for various security system products have promising features for surveillance and home protection. These systems have already upgraded from the traditional alarm systems to smart doorbells that allows you to avoid unwanted visitors and lessen the risk of opening your home to strangers. Although their advertisements talk of promising and modern features, here are what the experts … Read more