Changing Trends in The Gaming Industry

Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to spend time indoors, which has surged live streaming and video game usage. Playing video games for an audience has spiked when people are locked up in their houses. Video game live streaming has provided an opportunity for people to turn their hobby into a fantastic performance that others can enjoy. Streamers can earn a large sum of money on becoming popular enough. Fortunately, live streaming is the best thing happening right … Read more

My Thoughts on Amazon Purchasing Twitch for $970 Million.

As of this writing Amazon has purchased Twitch for a reported $970 million in a move that I honestly never saw coming. It was reported back in July that Google was the front runner in buying Twitch which, to be quite honest, made a lot of sense. With YouTube and Twitch combining forces I honestly didn’t know what to expect. However, a lot of Twitch users, myself included, were a bit afraid of  Google buying … Read more