TomTom GPS Re-purposing into Media Player

One of the fun things about electronics is that sometimes they can be used in ways not thought of by the designer, like the old Commodore 64 which many years later was used as a server. Another would be using a VCR to record a computer program in a series of black and white flashes and using it in place of a dataset recorder. (Another C-64 thing). But who would have ever thought that that … Read more

Enhance Your Video with Viewbix Video Player Apps

I have used Viewbix on and off over the past two years and admit that I haven’t used it as often as I should when embedding videos on my WordPress blogs.  The features you gain from using the Viewbix player are above and beyond anything you could get from just embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video and these include everything from adding links right on the player to get more information about the video subject, … Read more