The top 5 video players on the market in 2020

Let’s be honest and say that even with the built-in video players that come with PCs and Macs it doesn’t excel in meeting the demands of the viewing public. Default programs aren’t bad but they aren’t always user friendly and have limitations and restrictions in features that allow users to be able to achieve the high-quality visuals and effects that they want. Breakthrough players such as Ziggeo video player and all-time favorites such as VLC … Read more

5 Amazing IPTV Apps For IOS And Android That You Must Check

The world around is constantly changing. Where the television was considered as a luxury item a few decades ago, now it is being replaced by other options. IPTV is such an alternative to television that offers you a better deal where you don’t have to wait around, or change your schedule for your favorite program to air. You can get IPTV for android box and enjoy an experience like no other! Here are some IPTV … Read more

How To Create Your Own Subtitles for Video Files

Hey there, if you’re reading this you probably know what we are going to do today, but just a quick recap; we’re going to write the subtitles for a movie or a video. Remember, this is going to generate a separate subtitle file, the video file (.mp4 , .avi etc) is going to stay intact and safe. However this method also has a disadvantage, if you have a physical DVD, without subtitles, then you’re out … Read more

vlc for windows 8

VLC for Windows 8 and Crowdfunding for Software Upgrades or Redesigns

When browsing to see what Kickstarter projects were floated around and reached full funding it was curious when I saw that VLC had a fully funded Kickstarter Project to create a true VLC for Windows 8 integrated app so users can open media files quickly and easily from the Windows 8 start screen. VLC Viewer is a very popular and arguably one of the best media viewers for Windows and Linux that allows you to … Read more