Voice Recorder with Ultra Sensitive Dual Microphones to Save Thoughts or Lectures for Later

I know as a former college student that taking notes is something that is an absolute must. However, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the notes depending on the person giving the lecture especially with how fast some professors can go through the material. The Dictopro Digital Voice Recorder is the solution to being able to record notes and lectures without having to worry about missing anything in class. This voice recorder is … Read more

How To Pick The Best Digital Voice Recorder For Your Needs

  When recording voice and other sounds, a lot of people use their smartphones with built-in sound recorders. However, no other device best captures audio quite like a digital voice recorder. In this article, let’s try to understand the importance of digital voice recorders, and get tips on choosing the best product to buy for your voice recording needs. The Digital Voice Recorder and its Many Uses A digital voice recorder captures sound and stores … Read more

Showcasing the Olympus V414151BU000 Linear Pcm LS-P2 Voice Recorder

Even though mobile phones typically have a voice recorder app and allow you to record your own voice, they tend to not work well if you are in a classroom or lecture hall and want to record someone talking a good distance away and still be able to hear them clearly when you play back the recording.  This is where you will want an excellent voice recorder that can not only pick up distant sounds … Read more

SONY ICD PX333 Digital Voice Recorder Review

With cell phones all having voice recorder apps it may seem that the traditional voice recorder may not be needed anymore, but if you are in lectures or you need to record while sitting in a large room or conference you will find that a Voice Recorder can still provide tremendous value.  First I will tell you that my wife had been wanting a voice recorder to tape her lectures while in college, and her … Read more

Etekcity Voice Recorder Review: A Recorder Without a Voice

Some time back, I received a product in the mail that I was very excited about. It was a USB voice recorder/8 gig flash drive. I got all of 5 minutes of enjoyment out of it. The first thing I did was read the instructions carefully. I checked to make sure it was charged, and I did my first recording. I plugged the drive into my computer and listened to the sound of my voice, … Read more