Vont Bike Light Review

If you’ve ever ridden your bike around at night, you know how important it is to have a high-quality lighting system. You need to be able to see everything in front of you and warn people behind you that you’re riding. Vont reached out to have me review a handful of their products, and I was happy to try out this bike light. I live in Denver and am always riding my bike around. While … Read more

LED Night Light With Dusk-To-Dawn Sensor Review

Recently, I’ve been reviewing Vont products like the camping lantern and the motion sensor light. Along with those products they included these night lights to test out to see how they hold up. Like all the Vont products I’ve tested so far, they’re easy to set up and they work really well. Overall, I wish these night lights were just slightly brighter but they do a good job of illuminating the space immediately in front … Read more

Vont Motion Sensor Light Review

Motion sensor lights are a great option for anyone who needs light in a dark space. As someone who lives in an apartment with two pets, having enough light to make sure I’m navigating my halls without scaring any of them is essential every night. I can imagine if I had a backyard or basement that I’d need light to navigate through it and these would come in handy. These motion light sensors from Vont … Read more