VR Games 2020: Emerge Into A New World

VR games are the future of gaming. We may not accept it but there will be a day where VR games will be the main genre in gaming. Computers and consoles can not match the immersiveness of VR gaming.  VR gaming is still taking baby steps but there are a lot of advancements happening. We will even see a new VR Esports tournament soon. VR gaming is expected to grow by 400% by 2025. So, … Read more

Showcasing Swords of Gargantua Steam VR Game

This past weekend JohnayyBoyy an occasional contributor to the Dragon Blogger Twitch channel helped cover a SteamVR game called Swords of Gargantua for us.  I always have thought that VR games with medieval have so much potential, the ability to wield a shield in one hand and a sword or axe in the other and swing to your hearts content.  Skyrim on PSVR did this with a fair amount of success but the resolution and … Read more

Online Gaming Future with AR Games and VR Games

Everyone surely has heard of Pokemon GO by now. Pokemon GO took the world by storm back in the summer of 2016 and it has been going strong even to this day. AR Games are not just the future anymore, they are here and they are here to stay. Even Virtual Reality has become something that I thought would never be as popular as it is now with Sony and their PlayStation VR giving some … Read more

Virtual Reality Poker – More Real Than the Real Thing

Virtual reality is promising to change every aspect of our lives. From test pilots, to astronauts, to surgeons, everyone can get some hands-on experience on mastering a craft that requires a lot of trial and error with stakes usually so high that there is little room for error. Online poker is no exception. With the game becoming even more popular than Hollywood movies would have us think, many people are playing online today to avoid … Read more

Top 5 Games For Your PC In VR

Virtual reality is an innovative technology which completely changed the gameplay and gaming experience. All you need to teleport in another reality is a VR headset and controllers. Here are top 5 games on PC in VR you will definitely enjoy to play. Amazing Frog? Amazing Frog is an amazing open world VR game compatible with Oculus VR headset. Is a mixture of action, simulator and indie game. Welcome to Swindon, an imaginative town where … Read more

Top 10 Horror Games on Playstation 4 in VR

  https://www.finance-monthly.com/2017/06/videogames-vr-online-movies-and-music-to-drive-media-growth-to-759bn-by-2021/ We’ve curated the top horror games on Playstation 4, not only just games, but games that place you in the middle of the action thanks to the capabilities of VR. Are you ready to second guess your choices by picking up these games to play, because you’ll be having nightmares for a week. In this list we’ve listed the top 10 horror games that have made a huge impact in the gaming community. … Read more