VR Games or PC Games: What is best to play high-resolution games?

Do you ever think about the actual difference between typical PC games and VR (Virtual Reality) games? Technology is spreading rapidly with new and exciting features. It is not a long day when people don’t even think about PC games. Now, VR games with VR accessories are occupying the position of PC games. As VR stands for Virtual Reality, VR games bring an extra taste to the gamers. As Virtual Reality is designed to unleash … Read more

About the HTC Vive VR System

Naturally, the goal of VR devices is to give you an immersive experience to make you feel like you are part of game or the movie or whatever it is you happen to be viewing or interacting with. Also, the VR devices designed for mobile phones are completely different from the ones that support desktop and Play station gaming experience. So! In order to start our HTC VIVE review, we will start simply with comparing … Read more