A Gamer’s Guide To The Best High-Tech Wearables

You’ll have no trouble finding low-production-cost merchandise for your favourite game – maybe a t-shirt or a cool backpack – but anything further than that becomes incredibly rare or unbelievably expensive. Similarly, if you want a high-tech Apple Watch or Fitbit, you’ll find it easy to get any number of these high-tech devices, but as soon as the market switches to gamers it becomes practically bare. However, a few high-tech wearables for gamers do currently … Read more

Arr-Wristing Tech For People On The Go

Technological improvements make life better. It’s been like that since the beginning of time. For our cave-dwelling forebearers, the spear was a huge technological improvement over the club. It gave them added reach so they didn’t have to get so close to their prey when it might try to gouge or gore them with teeth, claws, etc. It was also deadlier than a club. A piercing tool that could reach the heart in one thrust … Read more

The Many Benefits of Wearable Gadgets

The “Internet of Things” is a term used to describe how everyday objects have network connectivity. The following objects are the best wearable’s you can get, and each connects to the Internet to provide you with beneficial information. Wearable’s are the next big thing; they’re stylish, compact, and they’re healthy because they help you set and maintain your life and fitness goals. If you haven’t yet, consider one of these cool new devices to wear… … Read more