Getting Started with a VPS

A VPS is a virtual private server with root access on which you can run any OS of your choice at time of purchase and setup. This means that you can run a web server, a mail server, a private proxy or anything  you want on that OS too. You will have a virtual container running in a data center and you can run any applications you want on it for the most part. What … Read more

Monitor Scout Review – Monitor Websites and Servers

As anyone using web-based services can guess, you can’t know when a particular website or web-server is going to crash unless you are monitoring it each second. For busy websites and servers, even a minute or two of downtime can mean very significant client and revenue losses! Whether you own a blog or a commercial server, finding a web monitoring service that keeps you online each second and takes care of the software as well … Read more

Find the Right Web Host For Your Blog or Website

Let us classify types of websites and blogs based on their web hosting requirements. 1.Media Based blogs and websites 2.Text Based blogs and websites MEDIA BASED BLOGS AND WEBSITES : Now, Almost all bloggers use images in their posts. That doesn’t make it a media based blog. Media based blogs are Photo-blogs, Video-blogs, Audio-blogs etc., in which the primary content is Rich-media, or blogs which need to host certain downloadable files on the same server. … Read more