Win a Video Game of Your Choice

We are back at it again with another Win a Video Game of Your Choice giveaway.  This is a very popular giveaway with the fans because of the flexibility of the prize, instead of it being a fixed video game the winner gets to choose any video game that they have been wanting to get and for any platform like Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch as long as the prize value … Read more

Enter to Win a Video Game of Your Choice

One of the more popular giveaways we do with readers is the Video Game of Your Choice giveaway where the winner gets to choose whatever video game they have been wanting most but haven’t been able to pick up for one reason or another.  So we launch another video game giveaway with our co-sponsors SaintMattyGruden,  MomsBasementGaming and ThisBytesForYou to bring our fans another chance to win the game they want the most.  For the rules … Read more

Enter to win Far Cry Primal or Any Other Video Game

Kicking off the New Year with a Video Game Giveaway this is the type of giveaway that can appeal to anyone whether you are a console or PC gamer.  I branded it the Far Cry Primal giveaway but really you can pick any video game that you want with a retail value of $59.99 or less.  So Far Cry Primal just happens to be one of the new releases coming out in February that is … Read more

10 Days of Giveaways: Video Game Giveaway of Your Choice

The holidays are upon us and we thought we would start the 3rd 10 Days of Giveaways contest with readers having a chance to win ANY Video Game they want for ANY Console or PC that they own.  This video game giveaway is for our gaming fans and if you have been wanting a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for Christmas, or Halo 4 or even the Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale … Read more