How to Lock Down Windows 10 So it Only Runs Approved Applications

I wrote this article because all of the information online about disabling programs from running in Windows or locking down Windows applications for users seemed to have correct information but was outdated and lacked some updates for Windows 10 Home PC users.  Though the information in these articles was good, the way to achieve the results had problems with Windows 10 Home Edition in several cases so here is a simpler way to lock down … Read more

Fix Windows 10 Send To Only Shows Bluetooth Issue

One issue with Windows 10 which can occur when using apps that manage Bluetooth devices and do device transfers, is they can corrupt your Windows Send To function menu so that it may only show Send To Bluetooth and not list any of the previous menu items.  Such as missing the Windows Send To Desktop (Create Shortcut) or Send To Compressed Folder…etc.  You basically would have no options with send to anymore. See the image … Read more