This is what's new in Windows 10's upcoming April 2020 update ...

Some Tips on How to Use Windows 10 More Productive

A computer makes it possible for an individual to work from home. The focus on productivity working from home is crucial by using the right tips for Windows 10. A person should consider different factors when using Windows 10 to work. Display Setting A person should use a display setting that helps meet the personal goals of an individual. The size of text, icons, and apps of Windows 10 should provide a person with good … Read more

Stop Windows 10 From Doing Online Searches

Are you tired of your Windows Search in Windows 10 from showing results from the internet and querying online when you just want to search for a local file on your computer?  Were you one of the millions of people who had Windows 10 search functionality broken when Microsoft had a problem in their cloud/online services that affected that query due to Cortana and Bing search being built into the Windows 10 search function?  Well … Read more

Disable Windows 10 Key Logger and Change Privacy Options

Windows 10 being the cloud connected and Microsoft distributed OS that nearly permanently ties everything you do on the Operating System to Microsoft has some features which can help limit the data collection that Microsoft does from your PC.  You access several by going into your Windows Settings and Privacy options. Here you will want to disable anything that allows for personalization, localization, and “Send Microsoft Info” example being the “Send Microsoft Info about how … Read more