Windows 8

Windows 8 Tip: Creating Control Panel Shortcuts in Start Screen

Windows 8 can have a useful start screen if you fill it up with your most commonly accessed programs, files and utilities.  One problem that I found is that by default you can’t easily add control panel links or .bat files as quickly as you can with other file types.  There is no “Pin to Start” option for *.cpl files or .bat files and some other system related files so you have to make your … Read more

Windows 8 Mass Rename Files Built In Feature

Now this feature existed in Windows 7 too but was still a nice feature that they left intact in Windows 8 where you have the ability to mass rename files of the same type and have Windows just default with an increment (#) after the filename. To mass rename files in Windows 8 that are grouped together like photos or documents that should all be the same title with just an increment, all you need … Read more