How to Completely Hide a Drive in Windows

If your PC is not so personal to you and only you, and someone else also uses it you may want some of your stuff to just be left untouched. I too share my laptop and PC with my sneaky cousins, room mates, and friends for whom searching and playing with my personal files is the first and favorite task to do when they have a chance :-x . Now, I just keep all my files I want no one to access to a separate drive and hide it completely. Now let’s take a look how to do so.

EVGA GTX970 SC ACX 2.0 Video Card Review, Testing, Comparison and Overclocking Tests

Hello my gamer friends out there, I am here to bring you another video card review.  Today’s flavor will be the EVGA Geforce GTX 970 Superclocked ACX2.0.  This card has the makings and already the folklore behind it that makes many gamers want it, let’s find out why and if that lore is true. EVGA is NVIDIA’s top 3D card partner, bringing you all of NVIDIA’s latest and greatest and improving on them in great … Read more

Pipo X7 01

Introducing the Pipo X7 Mini PC

Good day everybody and welcome to 2015!!! If you’re reading this, then like countless other human beings, you’ve made it to the new year (that alone is reason to celebrate, am I right?)! Well, I’d just like to extend a quick heartfelt thanks to all of you for sticking with us through all of the time that you have, and if you’re new here, then thanks for joining in! Now, on to the next task … Read more

PNY GTX760 OC Review, Testing and Comparison

GPU manufacturers are hard and heavy to hit you with NVIDIA’s latest and greatest in all different flavors, and with those flavors comes a price.  Prices can sometimes get out of control so much so that many of us just can’t afford them and so we sit and dream. I was there for some time but then this fell onto my lap, courtesy of my friends at, PNY’s gaming community on Facebook, if you stop … Read more

How to Fix Blurry Chrome in Windows 8.1

One thing I noticed after updating to Windows 8.1 on my Intel AIO PC which uses the Intel Graphics Display adapter is that my Chrome browser in desktop mode was very blurry, it wasn’t sharp and clear like it was in Windows 8 and if you set Chrome to load in Windows 8 mode instead of desktop mode it becomes crisp and sharp again.  So after doing some research I found out it is related … Read more

How To Find CPU Cores Logical Cores On Windows 7 Windows 8

Do you want to quickly find out how many CPU cores your Microsoft Windows based laptop or desktop computer has?   You can even use this method to find the number of logical or virtual cores being currently used and available.   Just copy the following code exactly, WMIC CPU Get NumberOfCores,NumberOfLogicalProcessors /Format:List Open your Windows command prompt (using Start Menu Search or from Accessories), Right-click within the window (black space), and Select paste. Press … Read more

Setting up Ubuntu on VMWare Player in Windows 8

I was getting tired of paying $12 per month to host a Minecraft server online for my kids and figured my home computer with Intel Core-i7 2600K and 8GB of RAM should be sufficient for me to host an Ubuntu VMWare environment where I could run a Minecraft server for the boys to connect to without hampering my computer too much. I decided to setup VmWare Player which is the replacement for VmWare Server for … Read more

Fix Virtualization Port is Disabled Issue with Asus EFI

If you are using a new ASUS Motherboard with the EFI and Windows 7 or Windows 8 and want to setup Hyper V in Windows 8 or setup a VmWare Image you may eventually run into the issue where you will see an error saying Virtualization support is disabled in the firmware in most cases this is the default setting of the ASUS EFI motherboard where Intel Virtualization Technology is disabled by default and required … Read more

Razer Edge Pro-tablet mode

Razer Edge Pro: A Gaming Tablet Overview

With the innovation of smart phones and tablets, portable devices and their apps are making tremendous impact on people and technology markets. There is tough competition between a handful of companies to make superior and excellent quality portable gaming consoles. If  you are  passionate about portable devices and gaming? …then it’s a good news for all die hard gamers. The Razer Edge Pro which is a gaming tablet that allows you to play powerful 3D graphical PC … Read more

HP Envy Phoenix h9-1320t Review

    When it comes to gaming on the PC it’s great because you have so many options as far as exactly what you can have put into your computer these days from the graphics cards to the sound, it’s really up to you. However that can get a little expensive when it comes to building your own gaming PC. So if you are looking for a PC that is just ready to go and … Read more

Using Pokki to Add Start Button to Windows 8

I have been using Windows 8 for quite a while now but without a touch screen monitor it makes it difficult to really like the Windows 8 start screen and I did find myself missing the Windows 7 start button.  There are some tools online including freeware and paid applications that add a Windows 7 start menu to Windows 8 but Pokki so far is my favorite application for adding a Windows start menu to … Read more

Find and Delete Windows 8 Startup Programs

When looking to mass delete start programs in Windows 8 you will have a limited set of options available to you from what I can find. Windows 8 moved the Startup Program management to the Windows Task Manager which is actually quite good, unless you are looking to select and disable multiple Windows 8 startup programs at the same time. One thing you can do is search and disable your profile startup applications manually, this … Read more

Windows 8

Windows 8 Tip: Creating Control Panel Shortcuts in Start Screen

Windows 8 can have a useful start screen if you fill it up with your most commonly accessed programs, files and utilities.  One problem that I found is that by default you can’t easily add control panel links or .bat files as quickly as you can with other file types.  There is no “Pin to Start” option for *.cpl files or .bat files and some other system related files so you have to make your … Read more

Windows 8 Mass Rename Files Built In Feature

Now this feature existed in Windows 7 too but was still a nice feature that they left intact in Windows 8 where you have the ability to mass rename files of the same type and have Windows just default with an increment (#) after the filename. To mass rename files in Windows 8 that are grouped together like photos or documents that should all be the same title with just an increment, all you need … Read more

vlc for windows 8

VLC for Windows 8 and Crowdfunding for Software Upgrades or Redesigns

When browsing to see what Kickstarter projects were floated around and reached full funding it was curious when I saw that VLC had a fully funded Kickstarter Project to create a true VLC for Windows 8 integrated app so users can open media files quickly and easily from the Windows 8 start screen. VLC Viewer is a very popular and arguably one of the best media viewers for Windows and Linux that allows you to … Read more