Change Windows App Store Install Drive

Want to know how to install Windows App Store apps to a different drive from the default C: drive?  It’s all about the PackageRoot folks! I was getting pretty desperate when I saw I only had 4GB left on my C: drive, I have a 90GB SSD as my Primary Windows 8 Hard Drive and by default the Windows App Store installs all programs on your C: drive in the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder.  There is … Read more

Windows App Store

Even Apple was never able to predict the amount of success that the Apple Store would bring them. Google have also taken this idea and allowed the user to download software to their Google Chrome operating system. Microsoft have always been left behind in this respect, the full release of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system will send Microsoft hurtling back into the fray however, it will enable users to access the digital Windows App … Read more