Windows 8 Series – Betting On Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has been, for a long time now, touting Windows 8 as its bid to counter the rising dominance of Apple in the computing world through mobile devices. While PCs remain its main source of revenue, Microsoft has recognized the need to pay sufficient attention to Mobile and Tablet PC users if it wishes to [...]

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Windows 8 Series: Metro Apps To Decide Windows 8 Popularity

Over the past few months, I have been posting articles about the merits, demerits and rumors surrounding Microsoft’s latest OS – Windows 8. While its failure to gain instant traction in the OS market will not eliminate or even seriously threaten Microsoft’s hold on it, Windows 8 marks a drastic departure from the traditional Windows [...]

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Windows App Store

Even Apple was never able to predict the amount of success that the Apple Store would bring them. Google have also taken this idea and allowed the user to download software to their Google Chrome operating system. Microsoft have always been left behind in this respect, the full release of the upcoming Windows 8 operating [...]

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