Is the Meegopad T03 PRO Mini PC the Ultimate Windows TV Stick?

Honestly the miniaturization of technology never ceases to astound me and this becomes ever more real with the Meegopad T03 PRO which is an entire Windows Tablet PC in the form factor of a small USB stick. This device which draws only 15 watts of power delivers amazing performance for it’s size and price.  It sports full Windows 10 Operating System and includes 2GB of RAM and 32GB of EMMC Storage. It supports a MicroSD … Read more

Featuring the Voyo V2 TV Box with 4K Resolution

  There is a wide range of technical and innovative tools that people can use in their everyday lives today, many of which have been designed to provide individual’s and their families with the best experience possible, and at a price that is affordable. One in specific is the Voyo V2 TV Box with 4K Resolution. With this said, here’s some great information that people can review if they are considering making their a purchase. … Read more

Beelink M808 Mini Windows PC Showcase

While most of you have probably heard of Android TV boxes, which are little boxes running Android that give you most Android features projected to your living room TV, you may not have realized that for Windows lovers and users you can get a Windows Mini PC or Windows TV Box.  This is essentially a “tablet version” of windows in a very tiny shell that is designed to plug into your home entertainment system and … Read more

Looking at the MINIX NEO Z64W Windows TV Box Mini PC

You see them popping up everywhere, they are Mini TV boxes and the Minix Neo Z64W is one of the newest on the market.   What makes the Minix Neo Z64 different is that you can order the Z64W and have a full Windows Mini TV box complete with Bing and give yourself the full Windows Media PC TV experience, or you can get the Neo Z64A and get the Android 4.4 Mini TV Box … Read more