Alcey Wireless 10-Key Numeric Pad Review

So Alcey sent me a Wireless 10-Key pad that was supposed to be an ideal option for people who have Chromebooks, tablets or notebooks without a 10-key built in and you need one for doing data operations like Excel, data entry or other purposes where punching numbers on a 10-key is much faster than hunting and pecking digits on the 0-9 bar at the top of your keyboard.  The Alcey Wireless 10-Key also had some … Read more

Win a Koolertron Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard #12DaysofGiveaways

When we called for companies willing to help us with the 12 days of giveaways here on Dragon Blogger, Koolertron responded and offered their versatile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. What makes this Bluetooth Keyboard different from many others is the track pad which actually will let you do swipes on the track pad and translate them to screen swipes on your mobile devices.  This prevents you from having to take your hands away from the keyboard … Read more