Windows Live Writer Tips: Deleting Drafts and Blog Templates

Some tips for those who still use Windows Live Writer which is still my top offline blog post editor for sites like WordPress even though it doesn’t have native Featured Image support and there are no new extensions and Microsoft won’t be updating the software anymore. Live Writer Delete Blog Templates Some of the things I often have to do are clear out template files to download new templates, and while this can be done … Read more

Fix Live Writer Protocol Violation Error CR Must Be Followed by LF

One of the most vexing problems I have encountered recently was when Live Writer was not able to open posts on or even publish articles to the site.  Any attempt to contact my WordPress blog would reveal a popup that complained about The server committed a protocol violation.  Section=ResponseHeaderDetail=CR must be followed by LF. This protocol violation was with Live Writer and this one WordPress blog, all my other blogs worked fine.  I investigated … Read more