Securing your WordPress Login with Google Authenticator

So many articles will promote the must have plugins for WordPress and go over the same list of plugins including Jetpack, a Google Analytics plugin, an SEO plugin, Comment Moderation plugin, Security plugin and more.  So if you are looking for SEO plugins and recommendations you can look at an SEO Company in Vancouver.  But one more plugin I want to convince you to consider would be a plugin to secure your WordPress site with … Read more

WordPress Security

Security Measures to Keep your WordPress Blog Safe from Hackers

All blog owners want to secure their blog from hackers. The worst nightmare for any blogger is getting his/her blog hacked by someone. WordPress is one of the most used CMS, so it is a prime target for hackers. Hackers will delete the files and database of your site and steal personal information. So, we need to take some security measures to keep our WordPress blog safe from hackers. Below are some tips which can … Read more