Dragon Blogger Back Up and Stable?

The past two weeks have been tough for DragonBlogger.com as the site had been dealing with  intermittent 502 errors and problems that cut visitors by 40% and left many unable to join giveaways and admins unable to login to write any new articles or do any editing.  I hadn’t had a single problem in 10 months of being on Synthesis web hosting and all of a sudden I had these 502 error issues rampant over … Read more

Resolved the WordPress 3.5.1 XMLRPC 500 Errors

After troubleshooting for several hours earlier today I was getting 500 errors when trying to publish to my WordPress blog via Live Writer or Word 2010.  Would get a standard WordPress xmlrpc 500 error trying to hit xmlrpc.php but the thing was I can hit the page directly and it was working for my other blogs which were upgraded to WordPress 3.5.1 the same day. Naturally whenever you are troubleshooting a WordPress problem the first … Read more