The Best Blogroll Plug-in for WordPress?

Chris Guthrie over at Make Money on the Internet mentioned a pretty spectacular WordPress plug-in he is offering for free that allows you to have more control over the DoFollow or NoFollow of your blogroll links on your blog. The Best Blogroll plug-in allows you to set your sidebar blogroll so that you can only have DoFollow for the blogroll links on your homepage and not on your subsequent pages. This provides your best PR juice (in most cases) to the sites you want to emphasize, support and showcase on your blog homepage. You can set it to pass DoFollow on all links, but if you have 1,000 pages, this will pass PR DoFollow from every single page to every single link on your blogroll and sometimes it isn’t beneficial to have the same site have so many links to the same sites.

I remember reading about people saying that if you have thousands of links from the same site to your own it doesn’t actually help PR and may actually hurt your own pagerank, not sure if its true, but either way you probably don’t want to make every post on your site past PR backlinks to your blogroll. The plug-in also allows you to set your entire blogroll to NoFollow if you want to showcase your favorite links but not pass any of the PR juice. I have not tested the plug-in to see if it adds any latency or memory utilization (since it does have to do an analyze of the page to set what type of link there is some overhead) but it shouldn’t be very much and certainly not more than any other dofollow/nofollow plugin you use for comments or other links. does not have a blogroll and I did this because primarily this website is more for business and will eventually be a magazine, I showcase other blogs in posts/reviews and I keep a blogroll on my personal blog instead. however is a completely “DoFollow” blog and I give PR juice to people who leave comments on my blog, I believe in sharing and passing PageRank and backlinks to sites and reward my readers with taking the time to leave a comment. The DoFollow doesn’t only help your PageRank it also increase the # of backlinks that show up on your site via “PingBack” and other stat tracking sites that look for and record your number of backlinks. This can improve your Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Rank and more.

If you are interesting in controlling the flow of your PageRank from your Blogroll, check out the Best Blogroll WordPress plug-in from Make Money on the Internet and let Chris know Dragon Blogger sent you.

-Dragon Blogger

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