Tips for Building Your Own Website

There are numerous reasons for which you might want to have your own website. Maybe you want to become a blogger, and have decided to create an entire platform for your blog, your own personal playground. Or maybe, you have (or want to start) a business, and you of course need a website to promote and sustain it. No matter what your reason is, you are probably a bit intimidated by the amount of work you think you need to put into such a project in order to make it work. We’re here to give you some useful tips that will hopefully help you throughout the process. If it’s your first time building a website, it can be quite easy to get distracted.

Stay on track and focus on one thing

It’s important that you commit to one thing in the beginning. You might be excited enough to want to incorporate dozens of features and pages, but for the beginning phase, just stick to the core essentials of what your website is about. If you have a central theme for your site, focus your attention and resources towards improving that.

Have a plan

This ties in with the previous tip, as it’s important to have a plan before you start building anything. Making things up as you go is a recipe for destruction, so you need a solid plan before you begin. What is your website about? What kind of users does it cater to? What kind of features will it incorporate?  Most importantly however, is to ask yourself what your website strives to achieve. The answer to this question will help you establish an epicenter from where you can always guide the project in the right direction.

Web Hosting

Do your research in web hosting providers as well, whether you are starting as a small site and you just want a shared hosting plan to save money or you are looking for large volumes of traffic and want to hit the ground running you should consider VPS or dedicated hosting from the start.  Know what your target is, if it is around selling product you can’t afford site outages if you are setting up an online store and this may mean paying for a premium web hosting package as well.

Choose the Right Domain Name

Domain names are very important, one of the focal points of your SEO is choosing a domain name that has the proper keywords you are trying to target and focus and clearly shows what your site or online store will be about.  Now there are some brands that want to completely establish out of the blue where the web domain name has nothing at all to do with the store or topic, but this is rare and rarer still for a blog unless it is a site around a personality or you are trying to start a trendy new phrase/meme with a site name.   Example, you wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what I Can Haz Cheezburger is about based on the domain name and look at what it has become and is synonymous with.  This is very difficult to do where you can turn a brand new domain name and brand it into something completely original.  Unless you have a very specific business or brand name that really is unique and want to grow that into something entirely, then you are better off keeping a site with some SEO value in the domain name itself.

Content is more important than shell appearances

Don’t get us wrong, having a great web design is mandatory if you want to get far with your site. But when you start off, most of your resources should go into providing relevant and high quality content for the site. After all, that’s what users visit websites for in the first place, the content. Don’t stress the site design too much. For instance, if you plan on creating a shop websites, you can simply get free shopify templates and use them to enhance your platform’s appearance. There’s no need to invest your scarce resources into building and designing from the ground up.  You also need to focus on the type of content you want your site to contain.  If you are running on online store will you be just hosting products, descriptions or will you showcase reader reviews of the product, or allow for other discussion/Q&A about each product and on each product page?  Your site may or may not want a forum attached to it depending on what your brand produces, sells and if you want customer interaction though these require a bit of moderation overhead or they can be spammed to death.  Choosing right CMS System to host your content/site is also important, and you should do your research.  WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Woo Commerce, Moto CMS?  Know what these different content management systems are and which one is the right one for what you are trying to accomplish some work better for certain circumstances and you can get templates and site themes for each of them.

Content should be interesting, informative, give readers what you would want to convince them to become either loyal followers or customers if you are selling products or services.  Which brings us to the next bullet.

Give people something they want

In your overambitious plan to create the perfect website, you might be overlooking a very important detail: does it give people what they want? Your site might look great and have some really flashy features, but is it of any real use to your site visitors? Once you can truthfully say that the answer to that question is “yes”, and then you can consider your website worth launching.  The secret is finding something that will appeals to a large mass of people. That’s not that difficult since most people have similar daily routines and similar troubles on their mind. It’s enough to ask yourself what kind of website you’d like and you might just find a great idea to use.

Substance is important but making sure your website is fully functional, dynamic in that it renders as well in iPhone and Android screens as well as desktop browsers is critical to not turning off your user base.  Make it easy to reach to your brand with contact buttons, social media buttons and possibly even a live chat or contact support if you are running a store.  Make sure in the homepage that you have clearly defined what path you want a user to follow if they visit your site and make the links/path as easy as possible for them to get to the end goal action you are trying to get them to reach.

Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

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